Download the Official GB WhatsApp APK Latest Version for Android Devices. This is the Most Advanced and No.1 WhatsApp Mod Application in the World. Change the way of using WhatsApp on your Phone With Custom Themes and Exciting Features.


About GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Also Known as GBWhatsApp(GBWA) is a Modified Version of the Original WhatsApp Messenger With lots of Exciting Features. Along with That, it fulfills all the needs for Good Conversations. This is the Most Popular and Number One WhatsApp MOD Version with over 500 Million Downloads. It Comes with Bullet Proof Like Privacy Options, Strong Security for Private usage, and Limitless Customization With Fonts, Colors, Themes, Wallpapers, etc. GBWhatsApp is a Must-have Application for every Techy or geek Person.

Talking About Its Popularity! Honestly, WhatsApp is not a Complete Application There are lots of Things that are Missing. Not having Enough Privacy Options, Nore has the Freedom to make the conversation Stylish. So an alternative must be needed for People. In that case, GB WhatsApp Came as a savior. It has every basic Function and Feature that a Chat Application necessity. However, GB WhatsApp is the Best Chatting App ever made.

About This is a website where we Upload the Latest Version of the GBWhatsApp APK File. Besides we provide information related to the Application, How to use GB WhatsApp, What’re new Features, and many more things. Remember That we are not affiliated with WhatsApp Inc, nor the GBWhatsApp Developer. Our main motive for this website is to provide knowledge and help people to get their desired searches.

History of GBWhatsApp

Talking About its History, in late 2016 Facebook Company(Present Name Meta) Released All The Core Files of WhatsApp Messenger as Open Source. That means Now anyone can use those Codes to Create another Chatting Application like WhatsApp.

Atnfas_hoak also known as Omer an Arab Based Android Developer who uses those Codes and Builds a Chatting Application that is Directly Connected with WhatsApp’s Original Database. He Made this App for Funn, But the Interesting Thing is it has more features Than the Original WhatsApp. People Start using it and within a year it gains huge Popularity with over 100k Users. That Clone WhatsApp App is None other than GB WhatsApp.

Everything is Going Fine! Umar Continuously Updating GBWhatsApp with New Features and People Shifting from Original WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp. In 2017 WhatsApp Announced that they are discontinuing the Open Source of WhatsApp Messenger and Also Said to Stop Cloning Mod versions. Later in 2019, Umar Tweeted that he stopped developing GB WhatsApp because of Facebook Companies’ Deep Pressure.

Now GB WhatsApp is totally closed, But Thanks to the Android Developer Community. After a Few Months, New Other Developers Like HeyMODs & AlexMods launched Another GB WhatsApp. Now Not only One WhatsApp Mod, but there are also many WhatsApp Mods from Many developers. FMWhastApp from Fouad Modak, YOWhastApp from Yousef Al Basha, GBWhatsApp Pro from Alex, and Many More. Among those WhatsApp Mod ‘GB WhatsApp Pro’ is the best because it is almost Similar to the Original GB WhatsApp of Umar.

GB WhatsApp Pro

GB WhatsApp Pro is the Most used WhatsApp Alternative Mod Apk as of now. It was published on 4th March 2018 by a Russian Developer Team AlexMODs. Since the Developer Continued the Development of GBWhatsApp Pro Apk. He updates it every month with lots of Bug Fixes and New Features. This version of WhatsApp mod is far better than the Original GBWhatsApp and that’s why it is called GBWhatsApp Pro Version.

Platform support

GB WhatsApp Apk is Only Available for Android Operating System Devices. You can use it on a Windows or Mac PC through Android Emulator Software. Many People Search for it for use on the IOS Operating System Based Apple iPhone Devices. Unfortunately, GB WhatsApp is not available for an IOS Device as of now. Because the Apple Ecosystem doesn’t allow third-party Application Installation. Moreover, You can’t use GB WhatsApp’s MOD Features on a PC Through WhatsApp Web.

GBWhatsApp Apk comes with a different Android Package Name(com.gbwhatsapp), and the original WhatsApp package name is (com.whatsapp). That means you can use Original and GBWhatsApp at the same time on a Single Device.

We Know many people want to use this Master WhatsApp on Their IOS devices. If you are one of those who are searching for How to Download GBWhatsApp for iPhone or Any Other Device. Then Stop Searching now. GB WhatsApp is a Mod version and the IOS Device doesn’t allow the installation of any third-party application that’s why it is not available for Apple Devices.

But We hope somehow in the future GBWhatsApp Apk will support IOS devices.

Technical Extra Features

  • Facebook Messenger Chat Head
  • DND (Do not disturb) Mode
  • Hidden Chats
  • Locate your friends
  • Dynamic theme background
  • DIY Theme
  • Animated Stickers
  • Upto 8 people video call
  • Color Phone
  • Real-time filters/stickers in the video call
  • Dark mode support
  • You are able to freeze your last seen
  • Conversation text translation
  • Custom privacy For Contacts
  • You can change the Whatsapp APK default name logo
  • Anti delete Message
  • Anti-ban
  • Hide View Status
  • Colorful contacts screen
  • Attach button available in WANH Entry
  • Show a Blue Tick after the Reply
  • You can change the tick style and bubble style
  • Different New Emojis
  • You can make a custom list of Who can Call me
  • You can use more than 250 texts on GBWhatsApp Story
  • Yo Theme stores
  • Profile picture zoom
  • Contact Online Toast
  • Optimized bubble style
  • Only GBWhatsApp app can send more than 10 images
  • Custom privacy for Groups and chats
  • One-click to create a new group
  • Vibration feature for Privacy chats
  • Now able to pin more than 1000 chats
  • Send more than 1000+ media at one time
  • Send videos up to 80MB
  • Send a super long (5-minute) & high-quality status
  • Send photos up to 100M pixels in 100% image quality
  • No-ads
  • Square Photo Corner
  • Set stories to video up to 5 Minutes
  • Speed has been improved


Don’t Underestimate the Power of this WhatsApp Mod, it has a bunch of Exclusive Privacy Features which help you to Protect your Personal Data from Others.

Disable Online Status

The first and Most Popular Feature of GB WhatsApp is ‘Freeze Last Seen’. Sometimes we have to use WhatsApp anonymously, and there are many reasons behind it. If you want to use WhatsApp but don’t want to let others know you are doing that, Then this Feature is for You. Click on the Three Dots Menu>GBSettings>Privacy and Security and Enable the Option then Restart your GB WhatsApp and start enjoying.

GBWhatsApp Security

Hide Your Activity

Now you have full control of Which Data should show or not about you to others.

  • Hide Blue ticks: If You want to see a message but don’t want to let others know, then enable this Option. It will hide the Blue Tick even if you have already seen the message.
  • Hide Second tick: It Will help you to notify your friends that you received the messages. Only a Single tick will show to the Message Sender.
  • Hide Blue Microphone: With this, you can Hide the status that you have listed the sent Audio from your Friends.
  • Hide Typing…: The Opponent Chat Person can’t see that You are Typing. He/She will be shocked and may think you are just Copy-pasting those text Messages.
  • Hide Recording…: Yes! You can Hide the Recording… Status Also from your Opponent Chat.

These are the Main Hiding Features, the interesting thing is GB WhatsApp Pro Allows you to use all of those features Separately for Contacts, Groups, Broadcasts, and Custom Contacts.

Disable Calling

Getting Lots Of Calls? Most of the girls have this issue, So if you are one of them and want to Disable Calling You from another side Then this option will blow your mind. Just Enable this Feature from GB WhatsApp’s Privacy Setting and you will never get any calls. Moreover, you can set a custom message for Callers(Like No Internet Calling, Busy, Call declined, etc.)

GBWhatsApp Security

Chat Privacy

Get more privacy while chatting with your friends, family, or in a Group.

  • Disable Forwarded tag: If you forward a message from one chat to another chat then a ‘Forwarded’ tag is above that message. This feature allows you to re-send messages without the Forwarded tag.
  • Anti-Delete Messages: As we know if someone sends a Message and then Deletes that using WhatsApp’s “Delete for everyone” Option, then you will unable to see that message. In GBWhatsApp you get the Anti-Delete Feature, with this you will be able to see all the Deleted messages.
  • Show Blue Ticks after reply: If you enable this option, then another person only gets Blue Doubble ticks after your reply.

Privacy in ‘Status’

You get several interesting Privacy Features for the WhatsApp Status. Status is a very useful part of the WhatsApp application, where we share our Mood, current journey, what we are doing, and many interesting things. Forget the boundaries of the original WhatsApp Status, get the GB WhatsApp installed on your device, and experience lots of Hidden mods.

  • Download or Save Other’s Status: Sometimes we want to get our friend’s Status and for that, we have to ask them to send it, it can be an Image, Video, or Text message. But in GB WhatsApp you don’t have to ask for sending, You can directly Save anyone’s Status on your phone without letting them know.
  • Hide View Status: this feature will hide that you have Viewed Someone’s Status. This means if you see your friend’s Status they can’t see from their side of have it seen or not.
  • Anti-Delete Status: If someone posts a Status but he already deleted that Status. Still, you will be able to see that Deleted Status from your side, and moreover, you can reply to that Status.
  • 48 Hours Status Time period: by default in Original WhatsApp, a Status can be visible for up to 24 Hours. After 24 hours the status Automatically got deleted right? But if you have the GBWhatsApp Pro APK latest version then Status Validity will increase up to 48 hours. this means you will be able to see your friend’s status within 2 Days.
GBWhatsApp Security


The GB WhatsApp is also popular for its high-end Security Features, The Original WhatsApp doesn’t provide enough security for its App. You have to get help from a third-party application to hide or lock WhatsApp. While GBWhatsApp comes with Lots of inbuilt Security Features.

Chat hide/Lock: You can Hide a specific Chat by clicking the ‘WhatsApp’ Text from the top left corner of the Home screen.

WhatsApp Lock: Secure your GB Whatsapp application with password protection. you don’t have to install third-party apps to hide GBWA, it has an inbuilt option to hide or Lock itself. Use Fingerprint, Pattern, or PIN Lock to secure your GBWhatsApp. Along with this, you will get more customization options like Changing the Lock/Pattern Wallpaper, Pattern Invisible, and many other interesting things.

User statistics

Over 500 Million people have shifted to GBWhatsApp and there are lots of reasons. Although WhatsApp is a Free and Useful Application for Free Calls, Chats, and Data Sharing, there are some limitations. Over the past few years, WhatsApp users have known the importance of GB WhatsApp features. As a result, It got a huge number of users in this short period of time. More than 100k users Daily Downloading the GB WhatsApp pro apk and replacing the original WhatsApp.

This is the reason for the success of GB WhatsApp Mod. Thanks to those Unknow developers for making this kind of App.

Download GB WhatsApp Apk Latest Version

As we know Gb WhatsApp is built and published by a Third-Party developer So it is not available in the Google Play Store. You have to Download it from a Trusted Website like ours. We Provide the latest GBWhatsApp apk version that is Safe and Secure. Below is the Download button Click on that and Choose your Favorite version of GBWhatsApp from the Download Page.

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Below is the Download Button for the App, After Clicking this you will be on the next Page. From that next page, you can Download the GBWhatsApp File.


Here are the Screenshots taken while using GB WhatsApp, Check this out for a better understanding of what kind of app is this and how it looks when you install it.


Who is the Real Developer of the GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp has many Developers! in the beginning, the First Developer of GB WhatsApp was Umar. Later at present, the original Developer is AlexMods.

GB WhatsApp Relase Date?

The GB WhatsApp was Released on 17th June 2016.

Who is the Current Developer of GBWhatsApp Pro

As of now in 2024 AlexMods from Russia is the current developer.

Last Word

Hope you found this website helpful, We have tried our best to give information about the GB WhatsApp apk. Moreover, Download the Link to the Real GBWhatsApp Pro APK. Download and enjoy a Different kind of experience of the GB. You can transfer your Original WhatsApp Data to the GBWhatsApp easily.

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